Monday, February 29, 2016

Maintaining The Dyson DC25 Ball Vacuum

Update 2016: At the time of its creation, the Dyson DC25 was the most powerful of the "ball" vacuums. It is very smooth steering, lighter weight than other uprights and flexible to use on carpet or floors.

You can tackle the basic issues with this vacuum, in fact most require no tools, just a little elbow grease and know-how.  If you have other problems with your vacuum, feel free to leave a comment below or give us a call.  


Below are 5 easy tips you can do to keep your DC25 running smooth for a long time. 

#1 DC25 Filters NEED Maintenance 

Yes, the filters are durable, and washable. But you MUST remember to wash them and if you do a lot of vacuuming, you will want to wash them more often than every six months, which is what Dyson suggests. Over time the filters degrade and often smell horrible after they get wet, due to pet hair, bacteria and dirt.  Here is the link for the filters in the video.

If your vacuum is not working properly, clogged filters are often the main issue.  It will cause your vacuum to lose power and possibly overheat the motor which is bad. 

Below are more maintenance tips for your DC25.

Filter A- (Inside the ball shell)

located INSIDE the ball.  As you see in the photo, the blue filter is inside the ball.  A small hatch opens the ball shell revealing the filter inside.  A red latch pops the filter out.  Very easy to replace.  Although this filter is washable, it is not easy to clean, when it becomes black (on the inside) it is time to replace.  You can get the filter you need at this link.

Filter B- (Located inside the dust bin)

Located INSIDE the TOP of the dust cup.  A latch opens the top front of the dust bin, revealing the dust cup filter.  It may look clean from the top, but if you pull it out and look at the underside, you can see the dust and dirt that clogs the filter.  Again, this is a washable filter, but after a few washes, the material gets too soft and loses its ability to filter properly.  Just swap out with a new filter.  You can get a filter at this link.

#2 Keep The Dust Bin Clean

The main consideration is to keep hair and debris out of the small holes that line the cyclone head. You can use a putty knife to remove any hair that clogs these holes.. You can use pressurized air to clean the cyclone head of dust. 

If you have some time, and the dust bin is very dirty, you can use a hose and a disinfectant detergent to clean the entire cyclone assembly.  You will get a lot of what will amount to be mud running out. 

Using a disinfectant cleaner is highly recommended over just a simple cleaning solution due to the dirt, bacteria, dander, hair (pet and human) as well as spores and pollen.  This will help prevent the vacuum from smelling bad after you re-assemble the duct bin.

You MUST let this dry completely before using your machine or you could risk getting moisture in your vacuum motor, which will KILL it.  

 #3 Removing Clogs & Blockage

You will know if you have a clog or blockage when your vacuum is not picking up very good or you hear a high pitched sound coming from the vacuum motor.  This means the vacuum is working very hard to move air but cannot pick anything up.  

Generally, there are 2 or 3 places on the DC25 where you might encounter a clog or blockage. These are usually found in either the hoses or the power head of the vacuum.

#4 Clean The Power-head Brushroll 

Keep this brush roll free of hair, string and carpet fibers
The power head (where the brushroll is located) can develop accumulated hair, strings and debris buildup over time.  You can take the side brush roll holder off where the brush is located very easily, and simply pull out the brush roll out of the housing.  

If the brushes are worn you can replace the brush with a replacement using the directions above.  

You can get a new brush roll at this link.

#5- Keep The Plastic Clean

A simple wipe down with a general cleaner can do the trick. make sure to wipe the area where the dust cup sets, so dust does not accumulate in or around any contact points. This will make everything fit correctly to maintain proper suction. 

#6- A Note About Your Model Color

The Dyson DC25 came in many trim color packages. Although the color of your vacuum might be different than the one pictured, all of the parts and components are the SAME.  This means your Dyson DC25 "purple" Animal vacuum operates exactly the same as the yellow and orange Multi-Floor vacuum.  The same can be said for the red, white and blue trimmed DC25 vacuums.  

About our links to Amazon.  We selected these parts on Amazon since they are genuine replacement parts, not third party replicas.  The difference is the filters fit much better, creating a better air seal than the cheaper replica.

These are all very easy to follow tips for keeping your vacuum running smoothly.  I will post a follow-up video to this for more advanced maintenance on the DC25 if you have a little more motivation and mechanical ability.

Note:  If you have any questions about maintaining your Dyson DC25, outside of these basic issues,  please give us a call directly for FREE Dyson phone maintenance.  The number to call is 701-532-0801.

If you are looking at upgrading your DC25, be sure to check out our post on the Dyson vs. Dyson test to find out how the newest model of Dyson stacks up.
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