Monday, October 24, 2016

Which Vacuum Is Right For You? 3 Quick Tips To Consider

John McTighe-Cleaning Expert
The following are 3 quick tips to consider when you are looking to purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

These tips will make the chore of replacing your vacuum much more enjoyable since you will be able to make a better decision based on your needs.

But first...

You will see I am BIASED toward Dyson vacuums, but that is because in the world of bagless vacuums, I find Dyson to be the top of the bunch.  With that being said, I do understand not everyone likes bagless vacuums, and the price for Dyson vacuums is on the higher end.

In the end it is personal preference, but the following tips will help you make that decision.

Tip #1  What Are Your Physical Abilities?


Can you handle a average sized upright, which is between 15 to 20 pounds, or do you require something lighter such as a canister vacuum or a light weight upright?

A vacuum is like any other tool, and the wrong tool will become a source of pain (literally) for you to use.  Make sure your physical abilities match the vacuum cleaner you are buying.

Tip #2  What Are You Vacuuming?


Do you have a lot of carpet?  Bare floor?  Do you have pets?  Area rugs?  The answers to these questions will help you decide which vacuum is the best choice for you.

Some vacuums have the option to choose between carpet to bare floor when vacuuming.  Other vacuums have a better ability to handle pet hair.  Your vacuum will help you make your specific house chores easier.  The wrong pick could make your chores harder.

Tip #3  What Is Your Budget?


This is where some people get caught up.  You have to be honest about what you want to spend on a vacuum.  You have a wide range of prices to choose from.  At the very low end are $50 vacuums, often called "throw-aways", since they are cheaply made, and not usually worth fixing if they break.  At the top end you have vacuums at $1000 or more.  These are much higher quality and might last for years or even a lifetime.

Figure out how much you want to spend on a vacuum and match the vacuum as much as possible to your cleaning needs from the questions above.  Consider a used or refurbished vacuum if you are looking for a better quality vacuum on a limited budget.   

If you would like assistance in picking out your next vacuum, without the pressure of getting "sold" something, leave a comment below or use the form at the right of this page, we would be glad to assist you with your next purchase.  You can also call us at 701-532-0801. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Best Dyson Vacuum For Christmas 2016

Which Dyson Is The Best Value?  *Video* And Report Reveals The Perfect Pick For Christmas 2016

About 10 years ago, I was introduced to Dyson vacuum cleaners.  I was working at a local Sears store, as a vacuum salesperson.  

Up to that point I never had any experience with Dyson, and it seemed neither did anyone else at the store since we did not have much if any training on the vacuums except from what we read on the box and the older demo model we had on the sales floor. 

The good news was we had a lot of motivation to sell Dyson since we were paid on commission and Christmas was coming up in about a month.  

Over the next few weeks back then, I got a real world education in Dyson vacuum cleaners.  I was able to see the good and bad features of the Dyson models available at the time, and learned how to communicate the benefits of each vacuum to potential customers.

So fast forward 10 years to 2016.  I enjoyed selling vacuums so much I now own (2) vacuum stores, and sell the Dyson line as our only bagless vacuum.  Since the early days at Sears, I have a wealth of information I can now share with you my best selection overall, if you are looking to buy a Dyson this year as a gift.  

As you know, there are probably 500 different vacuum models for sale at stores, online and just about everywhere you go.

Which Dyson vacuum is my pick for Christmas this year?

The Dyson DC65 or Simply Called The Dyson Multi-Floor 

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The Dyson DC65 AKA The Dyson Multi-Floor
First, a bit of advice if you are buying a vacuum cleaner as a gift.  Don't do it unless the person you are buying it for has expressly stated that they would like or enjoy it if you would buy them a vacuum cleaner as a Christmas gift.  Failure to do so could result in you getting any of the following:

-Nasty looks
-A slap to the face

-Possible strangulation

Of course I am joking, but in all seriousness, it really helps if you know the person you are buying the vacuum for is actually going to appreciate it, otherwise you are just wasting time. 

Who This Vacuum Is For?

After 10 years of selling Dyson vacuums, I have developed some opinions and clever observations that reveal that packaging has more to do with the price than the actual features on some Dyson models. 

I like the Dyson Multi-Floor as my best pick for a Christmas gift because it is the vacuum that fits the widest group of people with many specific issues.

For example, in the world of vacuums as a whole, the Dyson Multi-Floor is a good choice for:

-People with a lot of carpet
-People with a lot of tile or flooring
-People with allergies or asthma
-People with pets
-People with steps (either carpeted or flooring)
-People that cannot lift a heavy vacuum
-People that like a powerful vacuum
-People that like something easy to use
-People that want a good warranty
-People that want to use a lot of vacuum tools

Are you, or the person you are buying the vacuum as a gift... one of these people in the list above?  

Ok, so I'm going to now tell you who this vacuum is NOT for. Because the worst thing I would want you to do is go out and spend your money on a vacuum that is not a good fit for the person you are buying it for. 

Please read, the Dyson Multi-Floor is NOT a good choice for:

-People that don't like bagless vacuums
-People that have severe physical problems that cannot carry 17 pounds
-People that don't like Dyson
-People that have been watching Shark infomercials and are brainwashed
-People that love their old vacuum so much that anything else is inferior
-People not willing to try something new 

Now... Some Details

This Ball Is Special
Let's get right to it.  What makes this my top pick?  Here we go...

1. I Like This Ball Better Than Other Dyson Ball Models:  The size of the actual ball for the Multi-Floor is around a foot in diameter.  It moves freely and easily on carpet and floor.  

The newer "Big Ball" Dyson is larger, about 2"-3" inches larger and harder to move.  

2. The Price Is Right!!  At around $349-$399 (before holiday specials) the Multi-Floor has the right combination of features at a price $100-$200 less than the "Big Ball" Dyson.  You get the best  Dyson features at the best price.  

3. Convenient Features:  The Multi-Floor has a 12 foot hose and a built-in wand/handle along with a dust brush and crevice tool.  

For gift purposes, you could always purchase other tools depending on their situation.  

Dyson has a line of many accessories including floor tools, specialty dusting brushes, pet hair tools and even a mini-blind cleaning tool. 


For those people that have a lot of different surfaces in their home, such as carpet, bare floor etc the floating power head makes it seamless going from one surface to the other, vacuuming feels just as good on hard floor as carpet.  

It is truly a Zen-like vacuuming experience, trust me, you will hear many compliments after the first vacuuming.

The carbon brush roll helps reduce static electricity, which prevents dirt from escaping.  A carbon fiber brush is also handy with pets since pet hairs do not escape on hard floors with a carbon brush roll.  

 Compared To The Big Ball Dyson... You Decide Based On The Features

Just to quickly summarize the specifications above, and not to bore you, compared to the Big Ball Dyson you see below, the Multi-Floor is lighter, has more suction power, a longer reach and just about the same dust bin volume (how much dirt the bin can hold.)  All for less money.
As you can see above, the Dyson Big Ball is a heavier vacuum, with less suction and slightly less reach.  But in all fairness it is still a great vacuum, but overall, in the spirit of Christmas and this article, it is just not enough for me to recommend as a "BUY" for you. 

 To Sum Up...

You really can't go wrong with a Multi-Floor as a gift if you have someone on your list that would really like a vacuum cleaner.  It has style, performance and features a lot of people need and want in a vacuum.  The only downside it will set you back a few dollars.   

But let's be honest, most of you reading this are probably buying it for yourself anyway, so go ahead and splurge!!!  Merry Christmas!!  I would also feel warm with holiday spirit if you purchased your vacuum gift via our low price Amazon link. 

Please feel free to leave a comment or question below, I will be glad to help with your Christmas list.  Or feel free to give us a call at 701-532-0801.  

Reference Links Of Interest

-If you want to see the comparison video of the Dyson Mult-Floor vs. Dyson Big Ball you can see it at our post Dyson vs. Dyson
-If you have the need to see the price difference, you can see the most recent price for the Dyson Big Ball at this Amazon link. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

(*Video Results*) Dyson vs. Dyson-- Which NEW Dyson Model Is The Winner?

John McTighe-
Cleaning Expert
Dyson has introduced into its lineup recently, (within the last year) their model "Big Ball", which is essentially what it sounds like, a larger ball vacuum, it comes in the Animal (purple trim model, and silver allergy model). 

We also noticed, they started selling the Dyson "Multi-Floor" model with the slightly smaller ball which is essentially the Dyson ball model DC65.  

I don't want to bore you with a lot of technical details, but I just wanted to highlight a few things before you watch the video below.  

NOTE:  I was stunned at the results,  and you can read my reasoning behind the results after the video.

Power & Performance

Why did the Dyson Multi-Floor win?  In my opinion, the Dyson Multi-Floor uses the dust bin in a better way to produce more vacuum lift, as shown by the vacuum tester in the video.  

In the Dyson advertising for the new Dyson "Big Ball", they discontinued the use of filters (kind of) in favor of a dust bin designed to trap more dust. They eliminated the dust bin filter, but kept the exit filter which they say does not need to be replaced. Only time will tell if that will be true or not, since exit filters can get very clogged, and cause overheating.

I believe when they did this, they created more restriction on the motor, cutting down on its power. They also added a vacuum release valve on the dust bin, which also reduces vacuum pressure at the carpet.  

 We favor the Dyson "Multi-Floor" for a couple of other reasons as you can see in the comparison below:

In my opinion, if you are looking for a powerful upright bagless vacuum, the Dyson Multi-Floor is a good choice for the reasons outlined above in terms of overall value

A case can be made for the Dyson Big Ball if it had more power, but other than the exclusion of the dust bin filter, I don't see the need to purchase a heavier, less powerful vacuum for more money.

You can see the Dyson Multi-Floor At The
Lowest Price From This Amazon Link

Please leave a question or comment below, we have 15 years of experience in the vacuum business, and work on dozens of Dyson vacuums each week.  

If you currently own a Dyson vacuum, please be sure to keep your filters clean.  If you own a Dyson DC41 or other model, take a look at our post on maintenance.  

If you would like to contact us directly regarding Dyson vacuum cleaners our phone number is 701-532-0801.