Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Shark vs. Dyson... What Happens If They Break?

I guess you could say there is a vacuum cleaner "war" going on right now.  You know what I mean any time you turn on late night infomercials with that guy talking about how great Shark vacuum cleaners are, compared to Dyson.

So what's the verdict?  As you probably can tell from the blog title here, we are obviously partial to Dyson vacuum cleaners, but is that the end of the story?  Not quite.  I wanted to go into some things that they don't tell you, from the perspective of someone that sees BOTH of these vacuums in our repair shop weekly.

Biggest Flaws...Let's Start With Dyson

I'll freely admit that although James Dyson is likely a genius at the level of engineering and design, I sometimes wonder if that gets in the way of practical application and usage.

What I mean by this is Dyson vacuums have a ton of great features, but none of their vacuum models with the exception of a few older models, have anything in common.  They are all unique.  This means in a repair situation, you are always faced with finding unique parts for a particular model.  This can be time consuming and frustrating for customer's waiting for their vacuum cleaner.

And, maybe I consider myself a decent vacuum repairman, I am by no means an electrical expert.  Some Dyson models have (2) or more electrical boards that can easily make your vacuum "DEAD" quickly if they go bad.

The Good News

The good news here is Dyson provides vacuum repair technicians very good training DVD's that walk you though the repair process on all of their vacuum cleaners. Because of that there are very few problems we have not been able to fix.

Dyson vacuums have a (5) year warranty.  They strongly stand behind their products, and provide warranty service through a network of dealers like our local stores.  Every vacuum has a sticker to provide you with a phone number to call for warranty help.  The help line phone number for Dyson is 1-844-679-1647.

To find out if your Dyson vacuum is still under warranty, and to find out more information on their policies, visit our warranty and serial number lookup post. 

Biggest Flaws... SHARK

After you buy a Shark, you are on your own.  Shark does not provide much for warranty support other than a phone number at 1-800-798-7398, followed by a recommendation to pack up your bulky vacuum and send it  back into the company, what a pain....

Although they claim a 5 year warranty, I believe their in-house only warranty policy simply causes frustration.  By this I mean, they don't allow dealers or stores the opportunity to service their vacuums.  So when something simple happens like a power cord gets cut, or a switch goes our, you are basically out of luck.  You can get more information on their warranties at this Shark link.

Shark claims lower prices than Dyson, but with sparse service after the sale, your cost goes up over time simply due to the fact that you can't really get anything fixed if it breaks down, you have to buy a new machine. 

I have no clue why this is the case, they work very hard to get customer's, only to turn their back on them after the sale.

How does that result in future sales?  I am not sure but I do know that on some models you are going to have a big chore just trying to change the belt!!!

As a vacuum repairman, Shark offers nothing.  No advice, parts, support, schematics or anything beyond what you will find in the product manual.

Further, they have designed their machines to hinder repair, with hidden screws, one piece assembly features that cannot be serviced, and low quality plastics that warp and crack easily.

We have begun to document simple repairs and are working to basically reverse engineer the Shark vacuum, with hopes of at least giving consumers an option with these vacuums.


Although both vacuums have good and bad points, we obviously favor Dyson in the category of service after the sale.  Dyson may have some design issues, but in the end they want to make sure customers are happy and have a properly working vacuum cleaner. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Solving Brush Roll Clogs On Your Dyson DC41

Most people want hassle free vacuuming, because just about the last thing you want to do is worry about maintenance on a vacuum cleaner on top of everything else you have going on in your life, am I right?

Here are the main problems we see with the brushes on the DC41:

1. Clogged brush roll

So, that's about it.  That is the biggest problem we see with this vacuum.  The brush gets clogged up with hair and debris and it restricts the performance of the vacuum, either by blocking the suction or stopping the brush roll.

We are a Dyson Service Center, and work on A LOT of Dyson vacuums.  Brush roll problems are the most common issue on the DC41.  If you have one of these vacuums, and the brush roll stops working, smells bad or just is clogged up, we have a few simple tips for you, along with links to the exact parts you might need.

1. Clearing A Clogged Brush Roll- If your vacuum is not picking up like it used to, turn your vacuum over and look at the brush roll.  If you see a lot of hair and debris wrapped around the brush, it will can restrict the vacuums ability to pick anything up.  Using the directions in the picture above, remove the entire power head.

2.  Getting The Stuff Out- Now the fun part begins, remove the base plate from the power head that you removed, and cut or remove any hair or debris wrapped around the brush roll.  You can use a scissors or utility knife to first cut any of the debris, and follow this by pulling the debris out. 

One thing to look for is to see if there is any blockage in the round hole that connects to the vacuum.  With the power head off the unit at this point, it is a good time to check that area as well.

3. Re-Install The Power Head.  In reverse order, put the base plate back on the power head, twist and clip the red tabs back into place, and put the power head back on the vacuum, putting the red retaining clip back on.  

Note:  Make sure the power head clip is on the right way, otherwise the power head might fall off.  If the power head does, you know the red retaining clip is not on the right way. 

Replacing A Bad DC41 Brush Roll

After cleaning the brush roll, the brushes either don't spin, or there is a loud noise, or you think there is something else going on, you may have a bad brush roll.  Here is the link on Amazon to a replacement brush.   

Note:  The brush rolls are held in place by (4) Torx screws.  

Genuine Dyson DC41 Replacement Brush Roll

If my ideas don't solve your brush roll issue, you might have something else going on, such as a totally bad power head or electrical issue.  In that case you should call Dyson at  1-844-679-1647 and request technical support. Or just leave a comment or message, and we can help.  Our store phone number is 701-532-0801. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Solve This Common Dyson Problem *(Video)*

You probably aren't even aware of this common Dyson vacuum problem, until you see this video...

Here Is What You Get:

  • 6 1/2 feet of flexible fit deluxe hose to fit any Dyson model DC24 up to the most recent DC65 and "Big Ball" Cenetic models
  • (2) Extension wands, for 4 feet of reach
  • (1) Hose adapter to fit your existing Dyson tools
  • Mesh carry bag for easy storage
  • 30 Day-Money Back Guarantee


Eliminate Dyson Hose "Kickback" Problems


When I first started using my DC41 I thought it was fantastic and it is great, until I started trying to clean the steps.  I went about half way up the stairs and tried cleaning the steps when the powerful suction clamped down on the stairs and instantly shortened the hose from the suction, causing my vacuum to tip over.

Another time I was vacuuming a couch cushion and when I stood behind the vacuum, the hose from the vacuum rolled back and hit me in the back.  Ouch!

Since I own and operate a vacuum store I decided I really needed to use my resources to find a remedy to this annoying issue.

I developed a simple tool kit that turned my Dyson DC41 into a much easier to use machine. 

Without this kit, you are going to struggle with the suction hose "kickback" on most Dyson models.

This is from the suction forcing the hose to recoil, causing your vacuum to either roll back, tip over or limit your reach when cleaning stairs, upholstery etc. just like it did to me.

Problem Solved!!


The remedy to this is to use our specially designed extension hose, to both increase the distance you can go with your vacuum without the machine following you or kicking back.

Increased Cleaning Range 


With the Dyson Fit Hose Kit, you can add 6 1/2 feet of hose to your Dyson.  Giving you a lot more freedom from your machine!  Imagine the flexibility the added reach can give you, to clean multiple areas such as steps, furniture, inside your car, high places and more.  All without moving the vacuum.

Suction Control 


Our open/closed feature on the handle will also allow you to control the suction on the end of the hose, which will give you the ability to clean fabric and drapes without excess suction.

Get Your Kit For Only $54.99 With Free Shipping & Handling

You cannot purchase this kit elsewhere.  But that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on it either. Our kits have a 30 day, money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Also, if you have any questions as to whether or not this kit will fit your vacuum, don't hesitate to give us a call at our store phone number 701-532-0801.  We will be glad to help you out!

Please Note:  The Dyson Fit Hose Kit, by Reliable Vacuum Store, DOES NOT work for Dyson models BEFORE DC24 or Dyson model DC33. Dyson is a registered trademark, we are not affiliated with the Dyson vacuum company in any way.